The Engage Story

Engage (Technology, Learning, Community) is involving families in education through seminars, discussions and community connections and their children through makerspace activities. There is a great shift in the learning process taking shape within our schools. Technology is facilitating a move towards a student centered approach to real world learning. Students are no longer limited by the walls of the classroom. With such a shift in learning and the resulting shift in student workflow, process and tools, comes a need for understanding and engagement from parents. Engage is meeting this critical need for engagement of parents in the process of technology as a learning tool in K-12 districts.

The half-day conference is modeled after the ENGAGE 2015 Parent Tech Conference presented in November, 2015 by the Community Consolidated School District 59 in Illinois. The conference is being “packaged” in a series of digital resources that can be replicated by a strong community of education technology leaders. Engage: Oregon events are being coordinated by education technology leaders from K-12 districts across the state:

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